About The Book




Martin Enock developed an interest in yachting and boat maintenance in 1976, and a few years later, under the direction of a Master Painter, chose to specialise in the area of marine painting and decorating, in which varnishing was only one of many necessary skills that needed to be mastered. In the past 15 years he focussed his work in this area alone, and it is during this period that he started to develop some concerns about the trade and the direction in which it seems to be moving.

For reasons which Martin addresses in his book, he perceived a need in the industry marketplace for a clear, detailed and concise method which professionals and DIY applicators alike could follow, which combined with practise, would achieve lasting and beautiful varnish finishes. This is a book that does not withhold the ‘secrets’ that most varnishers keep close to their chests. The Brilliant Marine Varnishing Method (BMVM) was developed and tested over 30 years by Martin himself. He uses it daily with acknowledged success and it is the manual that accompanies his training courses. It is Martin’s hope, that in some small way, this may contribute to the maintenance of standards and perpetuation of the skills and knowledge that are necessary to perform at a high level in this very exacting trade.

The book starts with an introduction to essential tools and materials. It then moves on to developing skills in sanding, stripping and brushing, the three cornerstones of sound varnish work. There is a full chapter that describes the ordered stages of two different methods, a DIY and a professional method, starting from bare wood through to the post-finish-coat detailing. It discusses maintenance intervals, the essential number of coats for longevity and appearance, with detailed instructions on how to address both common and uncommon repair challenges. There is also guidance in other associated areas, like how to properly clean a brush so it will serve you for years, how to execute sealant wipes, and some excellent advice on how to manage your varnish job successfully in a busy marina. And a lot more.

Brilliant Marine Varnishing is written in clear explanatory text, assisted by photos when necessary and in a quirky, often humorous manner. It is spiral bound and written in 12 point to facilitate ease of reading, and is also available as a downloadable PDF file. It is filled with ‘aah-haa’ moments for beginner and expert alike and is considered the definitive text on this subject by most who have read it.