About The Author

authorMartin spent his first twenty five years growing bones and getting educated in Southern Africa, during which time he came to the realisation that his first passion, playing guitar, was unlikely to serve his fairly broad material aspirations. After graduation from Rhodes University with degrees in economics and management, he spent a few years in the fledgling IT industry, and then escaped. A period of several travelling years followed, much spent on sailing yachts in diverse destinations around the world, and then a meeting with a master painter in a Sydney boatyard in the mid 1970’s, and a consequent mature-age ‘apprenticeship’ to him, set his course for a career in marine decorating which continues to this day.

Learning a trade at a time when spray painting was a ‘new fad’, established in Martin an affiliation with brush painting and a love for wood and varnish work. He has managed a substantial marine decorating business in Sydney for 30 years, which included time as a director of the Australian Marine Export Group (AIMEX), and performing project management in the emerging Australian super yacht refit industry. He has focussed exclusively on varnish work for the past 15 years. In this time he has achieved a significant profile as an applicator along the eastern seaboard of Australia, and continues to apply his trade with passion. This book describes the systems Martin has developed over a lifetime in the industry, and those that he personally uses on a daily basis.

Martin lives near Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia, when not on the deck of some beautiful yacht working in the best office in the world.